Hello, I'm Roberta.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Sister Sister co Creative. 

A little bit about who I am. I spent 6 years in the Online World building an Online Business Concept never seen before. Built over 70k followers online, worked closely to over 3000 businesses, spoke in over 40 events around Australia, mentored over 50 1:1 Businesses, won an Award for creating crazy amazing Online Marketing Concepts and was nominated Top 10 Digital Innovator in the Mama Boss World.

 In 2019, I decided to focus on what we are best. And that is Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses. Our things has always been Mentoring, Online Courses & Events to bring our beautiful community together. And focusing in our zone of genius makes sense, right?

I've absolutely loved working closely with marketing and branding the last 2 years, helping other businesses with Digital Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing Templates and Automations, Websites, Events and everything else we've spent the last 6 years getting *real* good at.

Today, I also own and run my own Day Spa & Lifestyle Store called Sister Sister Co in my town Goondiwindi. My bestie and I believed in our dreams and opened a VERY *dreamy* space. I am a reiki lover, so you might also find me sharing healing sessions with my community. 

Yep, I'm totally a multiple loves entrepreneur and creative.

I really look forward to getting to know you and what your dreams and passions are. If you like to book a chat and see if we can help you grow, make sure to send us an email to roberta@stylishkidsaustralia.com.

You can also follow my journey on Instagram: