*** Are you feeling stuck with the way Instagram works?
*** Do you want to know all the things you could implement to grow you
business using Instagram as a marketing platform? 
*** What does it take for a Mama Maker and Shaker to succeed running
an online business from home?
*** How can you reach a 6 figure income from your online business
and still be home with your kids?
After 3 years and helping over 1400 Mama Makers and Shakers reach their target markets, create a brand people know and love & becoming influencers in their niches
I have realised one thing in common : a lot of mamas see others succeeding on Instagram and start their own online business journey without knowing much about Online Marketing. Many of them don't know where to start and wonder how other successful  business have over 40 k followers and are selling out all the time.

I have created this workshop thinking about you so you can:

* Know your Target Market perfectly and how to find and connect with them on Instagram!
* Instagram Branding - build an Instagram page that customers will always want to come back for more!
* Make your brand stand out from a HUGE crowd of other businesses.
* Nail 1st, 2nd and 3rd Impression on Instagram - the impressions you want to cause on every single person that crosses your Instagram page.
* Understand and use the 3 levels of Hashtags and how to find the right ones for your products and business.
* Understand Instagram tools and how they can help your customer love you more.
* Discover the right call of actions and when to use them.
* Set Goals to grow online!
* Create a Marketing Campaing that works for your brand - the right people, the right advertisement, the right collaborating, the right platforms and all the right things you should be doing on Instagram to make sure you are being seen everywhere.
* blogging, website, videos, photoshoots - should you be worrying about these?
* Customer Service - transform your customers into raving fans!

You will all leave feeling supported and full of ideas and knowledge about the best way to showcase your Business on Instagram!


Discover how to:

* Attract your Target Market

* Transform followers into loyal customers

* Grow a 6 figure income from your Instagram


What can you expect from our 1/2 day workshop:

* Online Workshop with Roberta
* 9am to 1pm (30min break)
*  You will also get:
* e-book : How to grow your business online using Instagram
* Instagram Goal Setting Planner
* 30 days Posting ideas
* 1 Follow Up email on your development with our Team
* $20 VOUCHER to participate in one of our Stylish Kids Pop Up Store

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